CASSIDIAN completes core for the German BOS TETRA network

Ulm, 27 June 2013 ENFRDEES In May 2013, Cassidian integrated the 62nd switch into

Portalify – DATA on the MOVE

Portalify provides end-to-end solutions for comprehensive mobile working. These include completely integrated field force

SNUC 2013 Networking for the Future

SNUC 2013, the Secure Networks Users’ and Operators’ Conference organised by Cassidian was held

The Future of Critical Communications…by Tero Pesonen

Want to understand what’s coming in communications? Tero Pesonen looks at how we manage


Cassidian company owned by EADS Group is offering products and solutions based on TETRA

Cassidian celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Beijing Just Top network

During the anniversary celebration, the TCCA granted the TETRA network and Beijing Just Top

Cassidian to build Tetra network for tram line in Shenyang

Cassidian Communications, an EADS company, has won a bid to deliver its digital Tetra

Fire-fighters of the German city of Fulda are finally going to use new digital TETRA network

FULDA – For years now there have been roumors about the new TETRA network – technology platform for mining social media in times of crises

Delft University of Technology (, Nederlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO ( and

CASSIDIAN launches TB3S TETRA base station with broadband inside

TETRA World Congress (TWC), Dubai, 15 May 2012 ENFRDEES The TB3s enables smooth and